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Meet the Faculty

  Samani Rohini Pragya, Ph.D.

Dr. Rohini Pragya, Assistent Professor at the Dept. of Non-violence at Jain Vishva Bharati University (JVBU), attended more that 30 national and international conferences, published more that 10 research articles, and is currently working on the project of Acharya Mahaprajna on structural violence. This involves study and editing Acharya Tulsi’s video lectures relayed on the Sanskar channel every Sunday including an English version since 2 years. Fifty-two episodes have been completed so far. Regular teaching in the Dept. since 2004.

Latest Publications:
Anuvrata Doctrine - A Realistic Philosophical Approach of Acharya Tulsi (15.04.2014)
Genius: Born or Built (01.12.2010)

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