Spiritual Guidance
Samani Dr. Chaitanya Pragya
Samani Dr. Him Pragya

Board of Directors
Dr. Nirmal Baid, CA (Co-chair)
Sapan Bafna, TX (Co-Chair)
Dr. Dipak Jain, IL
Dr. Kirti Jain, KY
Bipin Shah, CA
Dr. Shekhar Bhansali, FL
Ramesh Parmar, NJ
Mohini Jain, CA
Dr. Jasvant Modi, CA

Executive committee

Deep Surana (President)
Sonal Mehta (Vice President)
Lalit Nandawat (Secretary)
Sumit Jain (Treasurer)
Valeria Mcarty (Public Relation)
Xavier, Joey, Pooja Bordia
(Event coordinators)

Advisory Council
Rajiv Jain
Lakhpat Jain
Naveen Jain
Prem Jain
Dr. Jainendra Navlakha
Dr. Anant Jain
Dr. Neptune Srimal



  • To foster the Jain philosophy & religion in the academic world within the Americas.
  • To educate the core principles of Jainism, like Nonviolence, Multiplicity of views & Limited possession at the academic level.
  • The world is suffering from the loaded information without contributing to the integral development of the students. Resolving this problem, we have a new approach to academia.
  • To enlighten the world with philosophy to live than merely to think. In simple terms, to inculcate the words of Mahavir, “nanassa sara ayaro” which means “Conduct is the essence of Knowledge”. We work to teach the skills of application of knowledge.


  • Teach courses pertaining to Nonviolence, Jainism, Meditation, Spiritual development, Vegetarianism & more in US universities (Currently at FIU & looking forward for other centers in the US).
  • Promote international University exchange program, where we look forward for University exchange programs for foreign students & teachers.
  • Organize conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Work with students organization to inculcate the right value in them.


  • Our first exchange program was successfully initiated in 2008. We had Students from FIU & Ghent University , who enrolled for the 3 weeks course of Summer school at Jain Vishva Bharati University. The program is carried on in 2009 with five students from FIU alone.
  • We had a wonderful series of Non-violence seminars since 2006- 2009. This series has by now pulled in more than 500 Peace lovers & nonviolence believers. Students were educated towards Vegetarian diet, Nonviolence as a healthy means of living, peaceful co-existence etc.
  • We Have started off a student club “Preksha Meditation Club” in FIU geared towards Healthy living, self healing, & integrated personality development. This club received ‘Best New Organization award’ and Outstanding organization award in spiritual & religious group in 2009 for its services to FIU.
  • A history making milestone is being accomplished in 2010. Bhagawan Mahavir Professorship of Jain Studies is being launched in Religious Studies Department. This shall promote Jain studies, research & networking in academia.
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